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Special Topics Presentations

Dr. Agroia has had significant involvement in the following public health areas during her career:

  • Tobacco Use and Addiction Among Youth and Young Adults And Strategies For Prevention
  • How To Advocate For Health Policy And Be Successful 
  • Strategies To Prevent Chronic Disease Among Minority Populations
  • Program Planning 101: How To Successfully Design A Public Health Program And Get Funded 
  • Budgeting Within Non-Profit Organizations
  • Projecting Patient Demand For Primary Care Services In An Evolving Political Environment
  • Research Methods 101: Conducting Qualitative Research
  • Research Methods 101: Conducting Quantitative Research 
  • Effective Leadership and Management Within Non-Profit Organizations 
  • How To Launch Your Own 501 (3)c Non-Profit Organization 
  • ....and more! 

Building A Career In Public Health

Building a career in public health (or any field!) can come with uncertainties and many ups and downs. In her presentation, Dr. Agroia discusses her journey that has led her to where she is now and what the future may hold.